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Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is here!
A cool fresh blue that feels just as it’s name suggests – like a Breath of Fresh Air.
This color can easily be introduced into any home, traditional or contemporary for a burst of freshness. Try mixing it with warmer tones to counter act its coolness.
Happy Holidays!
From The Acacia Team
Jen Koper

September 26, 2013


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Fall Trend

Jewel tones never go out of style, for fashion as well as interiors. These rich bold colors are classic, but can be bright at the same time and always quench a desire for something bold and deep.

Jewel tones can be added to almost any other color scheme that is relatively neutral, even if pastels are involved, for a burst of color. If you already have color, but its softer, try to choose a jewel tone in the same family to keep the scheme harmonious. // read more >

There is no need to decide between modern/contemporary and traditional styles anymore. A transitional look is easy to achieve and gives you the best of two opposite styles by merging elements of both. // read more >

Here’s a great article about paint colours! Too often clients struggle with the right “color” which leaves me trying to explain there are only so many “colors” out there, before you begin to explore the “in-between”. Try not to be judgmental about a color before you explore its options. // read more >

When designing your space, be it a bedroom, living room, dining etc, don’t box yourself in with one particular style, and buy everything that matches exactly. Its important to have direction, inspiration and know what you are drawn towards, but be careful not to go overboard or you could end up with a flat unbalanced space. Some tension or “opposites” create balance and interest.  // read more >

The rustic chic look is big now! The best way to pull it off is by mixing rustic and heavily distressed furniture and decor with contemporary pieces, colour palette and finishes. This gives a space balance between the two contrasting styles making it feel relaxed and warm, while making sure it doesn’t feel outdated or old. // read more >

Every one always says stick to neutrals when buying upholstery so that you can change the accent colours around it, but it can go both ways! Choose a bold upholstery colour and it will liven up the room, then you can change the neutral colours around it like wall, art and accessory colours. // read more >

Want a dramatic room colour that’s safe and bold at the same time?
Go with Navy!
This colour works seamlessly with classic or contemporary furnishings and decor. Its bold, yet remains neutral so it can be mixed with almost any other colours.  // read more >

July 26, 2013


Colour, Decorating, Design

Use paint swatches to keep you on track!

Trying to match accessories and accents in the same colour family can be easy when you have a reference point like a paint swatch.

// read more >