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Want a dramatic room colour that’s safe and bold at the same time?
Go with Navy!
This colour works seamlessly with classic or contemporary furnishings and decor. Its bold, yet remains neutral so it can be mixed with almost any other colours.  // read more >

July 26, 2013


Colour, Decorating, Design

Use paint swatches to keep you on track!

Trying to match accessories and accents in the same colour family can be easy when you have a reference point like a paint swatch.

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Matching Finishes Dilemma

Not redoing your entire room from scratch? Just adding a piece or two to your existing furniture? This is a dilemma many people struggle with. The new piece should not scream, “I’M NEW, I’m different, and I don’t fit in!” on the other hand, it does not need to be the exact same style, colour and finish as the existing furniture. // read more >

July 23, 2013


Decorating, Design, Trend

Looking for a fresh new trend that you can add to your existing interior? Try ikat inspired prints and fabrics in fresh cool colours.

Play it safe and add a couple of toss pillows to your existing sofa, or go bold and wallpaper an accent wall!

This pattern influence has infiltrated the fashion industry and now we are seeing it pop up in interiors. Its been popular before, but now we are seeing ikat come alive with cleaner, fresher colours than previously. This pattern influence can really add a balance of geometric and organic shapes while being playful but classic.


Sustainable Design and Economical Choices

Ever heard the saying “I’m too poor to buy cheap things!” ?

This stems from “cheap costing” = “cheaply made”

Inexpensive furniture simply does not last as long as quality, moderately priced furniture.

Solid wood furniture will last a lifetime, and can be refinished should you ever want to change the colour, or refresh the finish. Scratches and dents that develop over time can also be treated with stain touch ups or wood filler, whereas veneered wood products (thin layer of wood on top of other lesser quality wood, MDF or plywood) can chip and peel which is an irreparable situation.

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July 18, 2013


Decorating, Design

In a small space make sure that the item has more than one purpose.  For example, an ottoman that has storage space  can  be used for extra seating; as well as a place to store books, purses, placemats etc. // read more >

July 18, 2013



Our best selling kitchen/dining chair 3 years running! Comfortable, stylish and versatile. // read more >